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.::We're not crazy here; Our reality is just different than yours::.


Visit Twisted Dreams message/AV Forum affiliated with The Doll House - here if you'd like to be a part of our av design community or order avs from any of our designers.

First and foremost if you have an issue with anyone that is in the room chatting but has done nothing to you or or said anything to you or anyone else but just chat with others then please by all means use the IGNORE FEATURE that is what it is there for!!!

This room is casual/sexual based. Consent AND respect are key in this room - give respect and get respect.

We are here to have fun and great discussions of all kinds - Playful/Flirty banter is encouraged.

Public scening is a possibility in this room - don't be rude or disrespectful if there is such going on.

If you do not have anything nice to say, DO NOT say anything at all.
If anyone comes in to cause trouble or make snide or rude comments - we will be more than happy to show you out the door as fast as you came in!!

Ask before PMing - that is just common courtesy and not everyone enjoys just anyone jumping into their PM without asking.

NO means NO whether it is in PM or in public.

Fake names, dots, numbers or family names (i.e. hard dad, girl for dad or mom of 1, etc) are not allowed - you will be booted - Pick a name!!!

Leave your drama at the door - lurkers, spies and shit stirrers will be booted on sight no questions asked.
There will be NO drama or bullshit tolerated at all in this room and is subject to be booted and/or banned!!

Don't piss off the MODS - They don't need a reason to GAG you or KICK your ass out!

Image posting is encouaraged, as long as they do not contain any child pornography, scat, watersports, beastiality or anything suggestive in that nature.

Avatars of some size are encouraged as well - please keep it to max 700/750x450/550 or so - use common sense when using an avatar and their size
Be tasteful in the type of Avatar you choose to use - Boobs and ass are ok - full nude/genital shots are not

We welcome any and all comments. Just mail all comments, suggestions or complaints to Twisted Dreams

All Magna rules apply here.

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