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Welcome to The Orgy

Stimulating the most important sex organ since...well ever!
Owner Thana†os

Public Scening is welcome and encouraged. Private messaging is discouraged.

Room Rules and Guidelines
Rule 0: Thana†os makes the rules and has the right to changes the rules, make up his own and does not owe anyone any explaination regarding his decisions.
General Magnachat Rules Apply. Minimum 18 year old age restriction to chat here.
This room is avatar and mostly picture, but keep them to a reasonable size. Ask before posting pictures and do not post if the room is busy with chats or scenes. No underage, bodily wastes, beastality or she-male pictures. If chatter's or a Moderator asks you to stop posting, please do so.
No drama, public posting of personal information, ghosting/lurking, harassment, flaming/insults, hate speech, causing room disruptions, symbol or ambigious/anonymous names, underage/suggestively underage/ageplay names (mom, dad, son, daughter, etc.) or any activity that adds a negative or hostile atmosphere to the room.
The Owner and Moderators are to be obeyed when making reasonable requests. Not listening, not responding or arguing with the Staff is grounds for being booted. Staff decisions on any matter are final.
We want this room to be fun and comfortable for everyone and anyone that is at odds with that will not be welcome and will be removed without warning.
If you have questions, comments, suggestions or concerns please contact Thana†os.

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