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1. This is an adult chatroom, you must be 18 years old to chat here.

2. This room is picture and Avatar friendly. All chatters are welcomed to use Avatars, all we ask is that you keep them to a size that is not inclined to disrupt the room. Posting pictures is fine, as long as they do not contain any child pornography, scat, watersports or anything suggestive in that nature.

3. Posting of personal information...such as Real names, phone numbers, addresses etc. is not allowed in this room. If you chose to share that information with another in chat, do it in PM or on messenger. Any chatter seen posting someone elses personal information publicly, will be removed from the room without warning.

4. Anyone coming into Naughty or Nice with the sole intention of disrupting the room, flaming or harassing another chatter or chatters...etc....will be asked to leave. This room is for fun and a place for chatters to kick back.

5. Avatars and displayed images should be limited to 500 pixels in size.

6. While we understand the need for intimacy all sexual scening should be kept private. The rest of the chatters have no need to see it,

We want to keep this room light and a fun place to chat, the moderators here would like to keep it like that and we all would rather not have to boot anyone from the room.

We welcome any and all comments. Just mail all comments, suggestions or complaints to Naughty or Nice.

Established January 10, 2003

Your room hosts are Rain, WT, Lena, Callie, Twisted Diva, AngelEyez, LOC, Conan the Barbarian :

If you enjoy your chat tell your friends. If you didn't enjoy your chat tell us.
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