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Welcome to House of Inspirations!

this room was opened to provide support comfort and inspiration to old friends and new in times of need to cheer them and make them laugh and for a while forget their troubles, relax and just have a good time

There are just a few Room Rules but we do expect you to abide by them:

* Chatters must be over 18 to enter.
* This is an adult chat room.
* Avs welcome but please keep them under 450 pixels and at a reasonable size.
* If in doubt about av posting ask one of our moderators. Moderaters desicions are FINAL
* No harrassing other chatters.
* Refrain from abusive language, personal attack and insults. This will NOT be tolerated.
* No means NO.
* No ghosting or lurkers.
* Please speak when spoken to. So we know that your name is not stuck. Stuck names will be booted to clear the name.
* No open cybering, child porn, beastiality or scat.
* If you have arguments take them into pm or you will be asked to leave.
* All we ask is that we all show each other respect and treat each other as we'd like to be treated.
* You MUST use a name. No Anonymous names or similiar names), dots, symbols, commas etc will be allowed.
*Tho this is an adult chat room we do ask that there be no open cybering...playfully teasing is fine otherwise take it to pm.
* Be polite and ask before private messaging others.

Room Managed by: Maegan .
Room Moderators: Maegan .

If anyone has any questions or comments contact:

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