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You have wandered aimlessly; from land to land, Just trying to find a place to escape.
It could be for a lifetime, or for a few days , or a few months, maybe even an hour or so.
It doesn't matter, you just donít want to think about the outside troubles of the world.
You just want to find a secluded area to rest in and think for yourself.
Some place to sit on a rock, dip your feet in the lake and read a book. To lose yourself into another world and forget it all.
As you wander a little longer , you have stumbled into a wooded area. It is dark and dreary at first, as we all know the woods can be; and we all know without any struggle, there would nothing to strive for. But, You are sure you have heard stories of the dangers
of the woods. But, You also heard magical wonderful stories there as well. You ponder if you should walk in and find out for yourself. You take your first step in, As you take your first step in, you hear the snap of the rock you panic and look around you. Nothing happens as you continue to walk chirping in the far distance, the birds are chirping and the sound of a lake moving. You take your boots and socks off and dip your feet into the lake. As soon as your feet dip into the water, You feel a new sense of yourself. Something has overcome you. You don't know what but you donít question it. You just feel a sense of calmness
and happiness around you; As if it were magical. As you turn you notice the house. You knock on the door and a middle-aged man opens it. He introduces himself as Falcore. He was named after the mythical luck dragon who saved his life many years ago named
Falkor. He tells his tale of the magical Forest and how it depends on YOU, to save it and keep the magic going. He also tells you that you did not find the forest accidentally but that the forest found you calling to you, because You are the one who, deep inside, believes in the beauty of all things and is pure of heart. He tells you that the magic is inside of you. The forest will start to come alive again. But for now come inside, rest, enjoy yourself and the magic within.
Room rules:
1. Leave the issues at the door
2. Open scening not permitted...keep it in pm
3. Two warnings only
4. Talking encouraged....can not
have a chat room without Chatting
No religion or politics
it causes too many fights
5. No means no! Only one warning for that violation
6. Ask for pm permission unless other wise agreed upon by both parties
7. No size limits on AVs but don't take up half the room page.
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