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Because there are chatters who have no common sense while chatting I guess we need to establish some minor rules.

  • No, of course means no. No one deserves to have anyone push themselves onto them regardless of sex.

  • Do NOT come into this room for the sole purpose of being a douche bag, a Mod will remove you. Mind your P's and Q's.

  • Everyone is entitled to their opinions and kinks. Respect that, even if you don't happen to agree! We are not here to judge. We are here to have a fun.

  • You may come in when a scene is in progress, be respectful and keep your opinions and rude comments to yourself. No one gives a fuck what you really think.

  • Posting pictures is welcome and even encouraged.

  • Avatars are welcome. If you are a chatter who has issues with Avatars, don't bother coming in to make a fuss, because you're not welcome here.

  • All Magnachat rules do apply even if not specified here on this page
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