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Room Owners - Lithium Doll & Mack
Our House mods have final say and actions when We are not here.

Respect this House and the visitors that enter.
If you can't be an adult, find another room.
If someone is happy here, let them be fucking happy.

We are welcome to open scene fuckery.
If you find one, be respectful of it.

Speak when spoken to.
There is no avatar size limit in the Doll House - use common sense while wearing them.
Picture posting is allowed as well - don't post them too large.

If you come in as anony to spy, lurk or be a douche canoe,
there will be NO WARNINGS before your ass gets booted out.
All lifestyles are welcome, but please leave your Gorean at the door.

If you would like to be a part of the Doll House avatar forum The Doll House

For all other inquiries, questions, comments and concerns: email here The Doll House Email

All MagnaChat rules apply.
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