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Welcome To Deviant Sinners

Please come find a spot and relax, take few minutes to escape from reality or whatnot and chat .. yes CHAT because this is a chat room and that was why it was created. We ALL come online for different reasons and they are not always going to match up with each others expectations, although the room is in the CYBERSEX section that does not mean this is a sex chat room to go trolling for sex.

First and foremost, leave the DRAMA and BULLSHIT at the door.If you have issues with someone who chats here, we suggest you use the ignore button upon entry. This also covers RESPECT show it to others in the room as you would like it shown to you, this means NO PMing without asking first, NO harassing someone because he/she told you NO or simply doesn't want to chat with you, and the obvious NO means NO enough said. If you continue to cause issues with someone or the room in general then expect to be booted it is simple as that.

No Anonymous, dots or any other non-names. It takes but a second to choose a name so do so. If not you will be asked to pick a name, if after that you still have not done so then you will be given 1 to 2 warnings before being booted from the room. We would like to hope that we are adults here and would expect to use our common sense, so in general this would cover the following: No Lurking, no one ever died from giving a general greeting. If you are greeted by a Mod then at least have the common courtesy to return it. Image posting although it is not against the rules we do ask that you keep in mind this is not an image posting room. Posting of some tasteful/tactful images are ok, but no images that include and not limited to Child Pornography, Bestiality, Scat..ect. Please DO NOT flood the room with .gif after gif that is what the image rooms are for.

If you have any issues in the room or with other chatters please feel free to let one of the room mods know as soon as possible so we can resolve the issue.. We want the chat to be fun for everyone!

Room host are
The *|Diva Extraordinaire|*-stickysweet-

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