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This is an adult chat room, act like one!

No loitering or ghosting.

Anonymous names, including lines, dots, etc., are not acceptable, and will be booted on sight.

This room is an open to public fuckery. Please respect any scenes that are happening.

Please ask the person to PM before doing so. Its common courtesy!

We are a picture and Avatar friendly room. All chatters are welcomed to use Avatars.
Posting pictures is encouaraged, as long as they do not contain any child pornography, scat,
watersports, beastiality or anything suggestive in that nature.

There will be NO drama or BS in this room. Anyone starting any drama or BS will be removed.

Don't piss off the MODS, they don't need a reason to gag or kick your ass out!

The squelch button is there for a reason. USE IT!

All site rules apply here too.

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