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~This is Repartee~

Home Rules Below, Do NOT Even Bother to Enter UNTIL (you) have stated that *you Have* READ The Entry
Welcome to Repartee~Home of Nubile~ Room Rules as Follows For Nubile and Her Imagionation

Room Rules

1. This is an Adult Chat Room, (mature content involved) must be 18 or older
2. Please do NOT send private messages without first asking.
3. No anonymous names are permitted,~o~is not acceptable. ~o~visitor is not valid. OOC is not tolerated well at all! This is Nubiles Role Play Area, not...Cheers during happy hour!
4. You will enter accordingly, meaning. You did not just walk in easily on some found path, fall off a bus, wash up on the shore of The Saltan...
5. Respect tags and role play, if A/anyone is in a role play, please do not disturb or question the role players while in training, serving, or scene unless invited. There are No Zones Here other than the pull downs. Do not expect me nor anyone else to answer you directly or indirectly when in another location and be prepared for anything to happen because it will.
6. Avs are greatly appreciated by A/all, just keep them to no more then 600 or less pixels and use in respect to A/all viewing them.
7. Prodigy Rules Apply.. It is a Mirrored Zone, combat rules apply and will be judged...No capture, Free or slave in this lair can be taken without My Presence in the defense of My Home. Aggressive attack of action on any basis that is not of or by combat rules of Prodigy( will be useless here and will be banned/booted to any and all that try.
8. Any person paying coin for what ever reason will provide proof of gaining it. This is a valid part of role play and if you can't even support that, simply go somewhere else.
~Please be advised, this room will not tolerate lurkers, or toads, peekers or anything else that is used in what appears to me as a dysfunctional manner~

~This room contributes to A/all with a desire to use an alternate lair for training, trading, finding another place to meet others in the same likes~

~All that is asked, is to please respect O/others before jumping into something Y/you are unaware of, that will result in being gagged or booted as it is Mods right to decide upon these matters~

~if you are harassed, please copy and paste the discussion with time stamp and send it to and it will be delt with~

~This place is protected by Nubile's Sleens and they have full rights to delete and eat any violators within these walls, upon appropiate means of action. The surroundings are rigged well with traps and stakes, so I advise. If you don't understand any of this, be warned of a bad day ahead~

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Webmaster: Chicago (m)