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Thank you for taking a moment to read this room's guidelines.
Unravelled Tales is an image based room. Soft porn, music links, conversations are the goals.
For the most part, lurkers, anonymous names, etc, don't bother me. Of course derogatory ones, do, will, and shall be asked to comply with the owner's preferences. To spell it out clearly, no Daddy's, no scat, no beasts, just, please, middle of the road...erotica.
Your kinks, and such, please keep to pm....
Let the room be of no threatening, no lording, no bdsm, no gor, all good and well, but naught here, pick a room, set up for those desires...this isn't it.
Your questions, concerns, or need to contact me, "Rain" the owner, should be sent to ""
The room is moderated, with the help of Mr Asterix.
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