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MagnaChat rules apply here, plus the following, PLEASE READ before entering, saying you didn't know the rules is no excuse!

This is an Image Exchange room, you must be over 18 years of age to enter, and we welcome all types of chatters.

Respect other chatters, abusing others in this room particularly subs and females will NOT be tolerated.

Unless you know the person well, please ask before private messaging, and remember, NO means, NO!

No ghosting or lurkers. If your name is in the room, you are expected to be chatting in the room.

NO child porn, beastiality or scat.

If you have arguments take them into pm, or better still to another room, otherwise you will be asked to leave.

You MUST use a name. No anonymous names or similar. No dots, symbols, commas, etc.

Hope You enjoy your visit.

Room Owned by Mentor and Moderated with Rain
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