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bdsmlr-548388-pl-Uconahq2 Happy 10th month my love,, heres to many more Please ENJOY OUR AV BOARD.. COME SAY HELLO AND/JOIN US.. LOTS OF GAMES AND GIVEAWAYS TOO Fantasia Designs
Some Journeys can take a few days , some can take a week, or a month, and some take forever. Some people don't even know they are in a journey until they reach an end. Our Journey took a year, it was a long and trying journal that I didn't even know until half the Journey was over. Once the muck and the obstacles were cleared, I knew the path i wanted to take. I walked cautiously 聽along this clear path will I walked right into Cyber Gypsy's arms. It was a journey worth taking and I would take it again. now we walk a new path, write a new chapter together , hand and hand and forever by our sides. We are proof that those who wait, are the ones worth keeping. Those with no patience and do not wait, are not meant for you. This room is an image sharing room. It is also a room to share your own journeys. a place to escape the normal clutter and drama of a chatroom and just chillax. That is our motto, " just chill" I will have weekly themes announce for those who want to participate. We will save what we like and use them as avs Please keep your fighting outside the door or in pms Anyone who starts or participates in Drama , will be booted. no harrassments , no under age pics or beastiality. size doesnt matter to us.. well maybe some sizes matters to be but thats another issue.. We are not A d/S couple, bdsm rules do not apply to us, those who participate in bdsm are welcomed. Please be respectful to everyone. everyone can not agree with everyone else if you have any questions, please contact me in my email or my message board,,, This room is owned by Hexa and Cyber Gypsy.
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