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Welcome to the Tur-Pah Outlaw Camp!

Just a few notes here as I wanted this room to be a bit on the different side. I have kept the rules brief. I have done that so that the role play experience is unique.
This room will have two risk factors so to help satiate your Gorean cravings. None Safe zones and safe members only zones.
This room is not a combat judging room so being an adult is expected. If you are in an unsafe zone and you get into battle. Work it out for yourselves. I encourage you to honor the role play and be realistic. If you prove to be a repeat problem then you will be banned. We all come to role play to enjoy our time. If you need the thrill of a combat system then there are homes for that. I personally, don't care what your dick size is..

The forest area is a non-safe zone. In these areas you may be captured, collared, and or killed.

The Tur-Pah Outlaw Camp is a member only capture, collar, and or kill area.

This is Gor, it is harsh and quite unfair so if you are not here to rp in the spirit of Gor then kick rocks.

Because the forest is such a vast place then be prepared to rp it efficiently if you are looking to make it to the Tur-pah Outlaw Camp. Here is the post count you need to make it to the Tur-Pah Outlaw Camp.

Men: 5 posts
Women not of the forest: 5 posts
Slaves: 5 posts
People of the forest: 2 posts

Room Controller - C R U E


1. This room is to support Magna Chat. In light of that, if you collar or capture here, your collar or capture is not to be taken to any other site. Bottom line don't do it if you don't plan on staying
2. No Anonymous names or lurking allowed. That includes the -O- in any form.
3. We are not here to babysit so rp realistically and if you get your ass smacked around or enslaved then suck it up buttercup. If you need to measure dicks, then do so elsewhere.
4. Gender bending - Accepted, Your rping partner has a right to know and choose. Deceit will not be tolerated.
5. When you enter, you accept the rules.
6. All Magna Chat Rules Apply
7. Be Gorean or be gone.

Have questions, Want to rp here, Or have a problem, please leave an email. here

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