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Tal and Greetings...

The link in the picture above is a critical one, as upon entering this Camp You have fallen under Our laws. Please read them. Your failure to do so will be met with Sacred Steel or the plain ko'lar of the Tuchuk, most feared of the Wagon Peoples. The Ubar here is KnightStorm~WARDER~ who rules as a simple Warrior among His Warrior Brothers. If you are new to Gor or to the Plains of the Wagon Peoples, do not fear entering the unknown. For we are all more than willing to help you in finding your place on Gor. The image above is a link to the Camp scrolls (web site).

Observers should use the observer tag ~O~ behind their names. Observers may watch and ask questions, but may not participate in the actions of the Camp. This largess ends at the whim of the Ubar, who will decide when an observer has been here enough to become a participant. All we ask is for visitors to respect the Way, as we respect the ways of others when we travel. Visitors who are not observers are expected to follow the protocols of the Gorean Codes. If you choose to participate in the actions of the camp, the protection of the observer tag is forfeited.

  • NONE get into a Wagon Camp with weapons in hand, and Any who attempt this will simply be ignored or removed.

  • Permission is required before privately messaging anyone other than the Ubar, KANE, or the trainers.

  • Harigga is a Capture - Forced Ko-lar Zone. Ignorance is NO excuse by Members or Guests. Check the website for the rules and make sure you know them.

  • ~o~ is required for observing in safety; participation negates the safety of the ~o~.

  • Three ignored requests to place ~o~ puts the visitor's safety at risk.

  • There is no OOC (out of character) here.

  • Failure to respect the Way abrogates the safety of the ~o~.

  • Ignorance is no excuse.

  • Most here do the best they can to follow the philosophy of Gor in their everyday life. This is not roleplay to us.

To request entry to the Camp, please email for the password. To apply for membership to our forums, click the image at the left to go to and follow the instructions there. All who wish to be members here will register to the forums as a prerequisite to membership. Gor rooms available We welcome inquiries regarding opening of new Gorean Camps and Towns at Magnachat and/or other Gorean business. Feel free to email Click the image to the left, if you are interested in opening a Gorean chat room on this site based on the books of John Norman.

I wish You well,

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