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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I tell a real moderator from a fake one?
A. A real moderator will have a red M before a parenthesis after the timestamp. A fake moderator will have a red M after the parenthesis. For example, a real moderator will look like this:

(00:00:00 ®M)

A fake may look like this:
(00:00:00 ) ®M)

Additionally, A fake mod may use an image after the second parenthesis instead of text to form the necessary symbols. Attempting to highlight the timestamp and symbols will not work properly if the symbols are formed by an image.

Anyone claiming to be a fake mod should be ignored using the ignore option in the room.

Q. How do I become a paid member?
A. Check out the Join MagnaChat page.

Q. What guidelines do you have for images in user's names?
A. We are recommending that people try to keep the vertical height of their images between 150-175 pixels high. This number will keep at least two messages in the bottom frame for people using smaller browser sizes. We also encourage people to use smaller sizes for their images as it will help them to load faster and be cached, thus increasing the speed at which the room works.

Q. Why won't the image in my name show up?
A. This is most commonly due to having a ' (single quote) in your ALT= tag (commonly known as a mouseover.) If you remove the single quote, your image will appear.

Q. Why are you using CCBill for memberships?
A. We've chosen CCBill for their stability, fraud protection programs, and ease of integration into our site. We are no longer using PayPal due to the number of problems with their billing system, their inflexibility, and the complicated signup feature which has caused problems for a large number of potential members. By using an outside processing company, no MagnaChat individual will see your credit card or checking account information. That information will be kept secure on CCBill's servers.

Q. Do I have to have a Credit Card?
A. No. Simply select the check option in order to have CCBill use your checking account instead.

Q. What if I don't want to go through CCBill?
A. We can also accept money orders in US funds. If you are outside the US, an International Money Order written in US Dollars is the easiest way to pay us. Alternatively, if your bank will issue a check in US Dollars drawn on a US branch, that will work as well. As a last resort, you can exchange your local currency for US Dollars and send us the cash.

Simply click the "Pay by Mail" option on the membership join page for payment instructions.

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