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**All Are Welcome * General Chat, Cybersex, Gorean, and BDSM**

1 **Respect Is Warranted Here**

2 **NO Open Sceaning**

3 **This Is A Chat Room So Don't Just Come In And Sit, Lets Chat!**

4 **Absolutely No Anonymous Names or Initial Names will be acceptable. This includes dots, single letters or any other names that are perceived as anonymous names. You will be asked to change and will be removed from the room if you do not comply.**

5 **This is A DRAMA FREE ROOM, Leave your drama at the door!**

6 **Everyone has the right to refuse and say No, if they do respect their wishes.**

7 ** Absolutely NO harassment, verbal or otherwise, towards anyone will be tolerated here. You will be removed and banned from the room and possible site**

8 **PM'ing without asking is strictly forbidden with the only exception being those who have given permission to the sender in advance.**

9 **Explicit pics/posts put in PM after permission is given**

10 **Avatar sizes are not limited but dont get ridiculous**

11 ** Anyone under the age of 18 is forbidden from entering. You must be 18 or older to enter as this is a adult themed chat room**

12 **No Sexually Oriented AVs OR Pics** Please be respectful to those who may be offended!

Room Owner: SceaduDraca * * Room Mod: tamara

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