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The Friendly Tavern

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~The Friendly Tavern~

The Friendly Tavern
Magna Chat rules apply here and we have some of our own..PLEASE READ before entering, saying you didn't know the rules is no excuse!!:

* This is a General Chat Room.Chatters must be over 18 to enter.
* This is NOT a CYBER SEX room..nor a theme based room ..please do not wear Av's that relate to BDSM,Gorean Style or Vampire Realms..You will risk being removed from the room
** NO nude Av's..use Av's that are decent NO exceptions..this is your warning will be removed..also no tags from other rooms or chat sites are allowed..
* Please keep Av's under 330 pixels in size. If in doubt ask one of our moderators. Moderators desicions are FINAL.
* Do not harass other chatters..Please refrain from using abusive language or insulting others..This will NOT be tolerated.
* Please ask before private messaging others No means NO.
** No ghosting or lurkers.If your name is in our room we expect you be chatting in the room .
* No open cybering, child porn, beastiality or scat.
* If you have arguments take them into pm or you will be asked to leave.
* You MUST use a name. No Anonymous names or similiar names,dots,symbols,commas,etc will be allowed.
* We hope you enjoy your visit!.

Room Owner: Owl Lady
If you have questions or comments contact : Owl Lady
♥ In Loving Memory of Lefty, Dakotaborn (M), Strawberry Wine~ and ~laurie~ Rest in peace ♥
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