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Failure to follow the rules WILL have you BOOTED from the room.


- You must be 18 years or older to enter this room
- You MUST use your chat name. No fake names, dots, random letters, or anon names. You will be removed from the room if caught doing so.
- LEAVE YOUR DRAMA AT THE DOOR! If you cannot do so you will be removed from the room.
- THIS IS NOT A TEST ROOM! If you are only coming in to test your av code, do it somewhere else. You will be booted if caught doing it
- No PM without permission. Always ask and if someone says no respect their wishes.
- No posting of any personal information in public. If you wish to do so do it in pm only.
- AV's should be no larger than 500 in height.
- No animated av's, scat, beastiality, or child porn.
- NO frontal nudity below the belt. Boobs and booty are fine. You will be asked to change your av if any frontal nudity is displayed.

If there is a problem within the room please contact ~AmB~

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