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"Home of the Blues!"

Simple Rules
1.) All rules of MagnaChat apply!
2.) No means NO!
3.) Ask in open chat before whispering (PM'ing) another chatter!
4.) The room is moderated.
5.) Moderators are not listed intentionally!
6.) Chat is an escape from reality. Please don't drag your drama in here.
7.) Posting of kiddie porn will get you booted, banned and reported to the proper authorities.
8.) Please keep avatars to no greater than 400 pixels in height.
9.) If no Moderator is present, simply click on Full Config, highlight the bothersome person
in the chatter name box and click Reload Configuration. This removes them from your
screen. The Ignore pulldown will do the same thing!
10.) Treat others as you'd like to be treated!
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