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Lacie would like to welcome you to "The Tide" . Once Upon a Tide is a place for the three F's. They are Fun, Flirting, and Friends. *Thought I was going to say something else, didn't you?* This is a room to have FUN. Please come in and join in the fun. Leave the drama and talk of politics, religion and other controversial topics at the door. Check the calendar often for events and fun theme nights. PLEASE READ THE RULES BEFORE ENTERING! I hope you enjoy your visit and have FUN in Once Upon a Tide.

- You MUST use a name. No Anonymous names,dots,symbols,commas,etc will be allowed.
- NO PORN of any kind!
- Avatars should be limited to 400 pixels in size.
- Please ask permission before private messaging another chatter. No means No!
- This room is an adult chat room. You must be over eighteen to enter.
- The Mods are here to make your chat experience enjoyable. Please heed their warnings and respect their decisions.
- All rules of the Magna Chat site apply.

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