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Non Negotiable

1.No Sassin' the Mods

2. No obscenely large AVs. Tastefully nude is ok. I do not want to see the business ends or outs of Males OR Females Period!

3. If you wish to share your pics give the link or post them in private. Do not subject everyone to them.

4. Nothing pertaining to children. This includes barely legal individuals. I will turn that information in.

5. If a Moderator addresses you, please respond. You are not required to continue to chat but you will be removed if you fail to respond.

6.No fighting, arguing - Take it to PM, No Politics, No Using other chatters I need to go on?

7. DO NOT question a Moderator's decision to remove a chatter. It is none of your business. You do not have all of the info and it is not up to the Moderator to keep you in the loop.

8. I realize some of y'alls in luuuuv. Good & God Bless Ya!!! But PLEASE get your "freak on" in private.

9. PICK A NAME!!! Do NOT use dots, dashes or lone punctuation of any kind. No bastardized forms of Anonymous! you WILL be Removed. Moderators May or May not give you a warning. Its their call.

10.I will not Wrassle your Huge Lofty "Critter". So don't ask. :)

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