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Welcome to The BountyHunter's Lodge

This room is intended for fun!
Moderators will have final decision.
Leave your melodramas at the door please!

Ask if you can Privately Whisper to chatters
"Please read the rules before entering"

The room is NOT a Cybersex room nor an image exchange room
No showing of pictures. You are welcome to show to someone in PM if they agree to view them. Avatars are always welcome here! Please keep them at a size of 350 Pixels in height
(ie 435 X 350 the second number being the height)
If there is any doubt to the suitability of a av, the room moderators will be the determining factor and the user asked to change or go without an av
Not into them please use the no pic button you'll find it when entering the room. (It's a choice)

Now for some rules-they are few so please respect and follow them so as to make this a happy place to chat.

1.) This room is NOT intended for those under 18 years of age. NO means just that!
2.) NO Anonymous names of any kind this means lines, numbers, dots etc. (Pick a tasteful name)!! You will be asked to change and if you do not you will be booted.
3.) NO Loitering,hanging around, No cyberstalkers Allowed! (This means ANYONE coming in to harrass a chatter or a mod) Join the chat or leave.
4.) When a moderater addresses you please show them respect and answer or risk being booted. Not all Mods wear their M stay alert and remember to chat nicely to EVERYONE.
5.) NO personal quarrels allowed. Take it out of the room. Trouble makers will be dealt with quickly. NO warning for those who purposely disrupt the room
6.) Just a suggestion: use a color for a name. Not everyone has their pictures turned on. This would help them in seeing who the posts are from

Enjoy yourself and have fun.
If you need help ask. If you feel these rules are unfair and unjustifiable, there are several rooms available that are not privately owned.

Room is owned by


Moderators are:
*MsB {*Ter/d}

"Please read the rules before entering"

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Webmaster: Chicago (m)