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Welcome to Boomers Bar...*S*

Come on in and enjoy some friendly peaceful chat. This bar is for the 40's & over crowd. It is easy going & respectful with the intent of having fun, a lot of laughs & meeting new & old friends. PLEASE bring your sense of humour with you. We only have a few rules so be kind enough to read & respect them.

Chatters with Avs: PLEASE keep your avs to a maximum area of 250 pixels high (the second number) out of respect for chatters who may not have one. If you do not like avatars please put a check mark in the box "No Avs" when entering the room.

One screen name per chatter please. This means no name changing. Variations of your screen name are fine. Names consisting of offensive words and/or language will be booted on sight.

Try to think before you type something hurtful, spiteful etc. ALL people in this room DO have feelings!

Troublemakers are not welcome here....YOU have been warned!

You MUST be over 18

If you want to argue/namecall/pull cyberhair or have a hissy fit with another chatter, PLEASE take it to private message. If you are bothered by another chatter when there is no Moderator in the room, please go into "Full Config" & put that chatter on ignore status. Applying the ignore status to a Moderator will not be tolerated and will result in an instant boot.

NO porn pics please. There are plenty of rooms you can visit to see the delights of nakey flesh. This is not one of them. Please do not post nakey pics in private to another chatter without their consent first.

Now you know the ground rules. Please come in and join us! We hope you enjoy your visit to Boomers Bar & come back to visit often...*S*

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