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Welcome to Cynful Pleasures..where the music is low, the lights are dim, the furniture is soft and inviting, the wine is chilled. We invite you to come, relax and leave the hustle and bustle of daily life behind for a while as you indulge in your … Cynful Pleasures
This room is for Adult Women and ONLY Women No males, M/F couples or TG’s. You must be 18 or older This is a 'Ladies Only' room, and intended for that sole purpose. So guys please find another room to chat in If any male is caught within the walls of this room, they will be booted without question or warning. NO means NO. Continued unwanted post propositions are considered harassment, and you can be Booted or even banned • Absolutely NO DRAMA will be tolerated, Leave your drama at the door. If you have problems with someone, take it out of the room or handle it in PM. • Avatars are welcomed and encouraged, however, keep them to a reasonable size. • All of Magna Chat rules apply and are enforced. NOTE: MODS have the final word and are ALWAYS I repeat ALWAYS right, do as they say or be booted. • Abusive/vulgar language aimed at a chatter or Mod is grounds for booting. If you use vulgar and/or abusive language on another chatter or a Mod you WILL be gagged/booted. Abuse will not be tolerated. If you are told to stop the abuse of another chatter and you continue. You will be booted. If after that, you still are verbally abusive, you risk being banned. Please be respectful to each other. • This room will not tolerate any underage pictures, names which imply underage or underage play. Offenders will be given one chance to change avi and name or else be booted and banned. We do not wish for any legal problems and if an image blurs the lines of acceptance you will be instantly booted and banned. • No bestiality or scat will be tolerated period. • It is against Chat rules to insult, degrade, attack or otherwise seek to cause grief to anyone because of their religion, citizenship, nationality, race, sexual orientation, and other unstated but similar issues determined to be harassing in nature. Any behavior found to be of a harassing nature toward another chatter or MOD, will be grounds for immediate gag and or boot. • No arguing in public which disrupts the room. If you wish to argue take it elsewhere. • No harassing of chatters or moderators. • No threats against another chatter or moderator. Typonese is spoken please bring a Translator
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